Heartistry and Whole-Heartedness: Lùnastal, Edgy Energies, Pivot Points and Possibilities

Sophia's Children

“An awakened heart is not a problem to be solved,

but a gift to be honored, protected, and expressed,

with all of the fierceness of the regal Lioness and Lion.”

In these days and times, an awakened heart — individually and collectively — is the medicine for the times, the purposeful mission. And, of course, giving that awakened heart generous expression.

The Energies of Now … have you noticed …

If you’re more sensitive to and aware of subtle (and thus not so subtle) energies, you may have been feeling tired and wired, teary and rage-y, almost-unbearably edgy; as irritated as ever at others’ more-idiotic-than-usual insensitivity, bullying, or passive-aggression; and more scattered as thousands of ideas and insights spark all at once.

Or you may have noticed (and sensed) this in greater abundance around you, or feeling the tension as if it was just about to burst up through…

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How to untangle the mess in your life, and move to full healing and recovery in the quickest way possible!

Dating a Sociopath

first step

There are two key things that we need to get out of an abusive relationship. These are the two things that your abuser will remove from your life, to keep you bound to them. Additionally, it is also likely that these are the two things that you likely gave to your abuser.

  • Hope
  • Opportunities

Later in this article, I will explain how you can rediscover hope, and build fresh opportunities, healing and recovering you, and your life in the quickest time possible.


Hope is something that we all need. It is the spark of life that keeps us going. Without hope, we are nothing. There are fewer times in your life that you will feel that there is NO hope left, than after or while you are still with an abuser.

The sociopath will dismantle you, and your life. This is almost always done with a smile, under the guise of ‘helping…

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Venus Earthing (and Friday the 13th)

Sophia's Children

Happy Friday the 13th, and New Moon in Luna’s Cancerian waters.

Given that it’s Friday the 13th, and Venus is freshly in another Earthy terrain since my last ‘Happy Friday the 13th’ message, it’s a great time to revisit both Friday the 13th (lots of misinformation and spin on that) and refresh on the possibilities available to us with our Venusian self-bits reaching into Earth (versus, say, Air, Fire or Water).

Venus entering Virgo meant a meet-up with the Fixed Star Regulus, which entered more earthed, Feminine Virgo a couple of years ago after a couple of thousand years adding to the fiery, yang Leo-flavored notes in the cosmic symphony … the Music of the Spheres (in which we all dance, or are danced).

Earth. The Feminine. Regulus’s time in Leo squares pretty neatly with the rising and thriving of we call Patriarchy. It’ll be an interesting one to…

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Fault Vs. Responsibility – Insights from Will Smith

Thanks for sharing Jamie!

Sophia's Children

Here’s an insight from Will Smith about how essential it is that we switch from a default mode of fault and blame to responsibility.

Things like this add up to greater empowerment, agency, and a more skillful ability to relate with others (and within ourselves) more effectively and meaningfully.

(And things like this are an essential aspect of skillful communication and the Beauty Way of Relating, which starts with perception- and intention-shifts within us and then practicing the various skillful-communication and interpersonal artistry approaches with others.)

Check out what Will has to say:

Big Love,


Featured image credit: Comfort through a hug. PD image courtesy of Pixabay.

Dancing in the Rain. PD Pics.

Mentor-Coaching & Consultation

For ‘graceful communication’ to be a  ‘Beauty Way of Relating‘ emissary, or for a reminder of your own Beauty Way of Relating (and other Venusian) gifts and opportunities, see the…

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Energies of Now: The Rebel Champion Returns to the Garden of the Feminine.

Sophia's Children

We’ve had, and are in the midst of, some energy and theme shifts in recent weeks and days.

On May 15th, humanity’s maverick, rule-bending champion, Prometheus, returned to the Garden on the New Moon to join a Posse of the Feminine.

Though called Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius is decidedly more Promethean in nature — and Prometheus, in Greek mythology, is the rebel-champion and liberator of humanity against the tyranny of the old (and rather crotchety, territorial, and ill-behaving) gods.

Uranus, after transiting Fire-element and Mars-ruled Aries from 2010/2011 to yesterday, entered Earth-element and Venus-ruled Taurus — the garden of the senses, the sacredness in matter, the deepest and truest of values, the garden of Eden within the niche of our hearts and around us.

A big shift, with historical lessons, and powerful currents and possibilities around themes of resacralizing Earth and matter — which shares the root of…

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Are You Experiencing a Life-Milestone Cycle or “EPE”?

Sophia's Children

Every one of us experiences various life milestones, some of which are reflected in one’s astrological natal and transits chart — the first Saturn Return (and second), the Uranus Oppositions and Squares, the Chiron Return, Progressed Lunar Return, and a few others.

Then there are some of us who,by virtue of unique path and/or purpose, experience some pretty kick-butt transformation cycles, activations, what some call ‘awakenings’ or ‘Epically Transformative Experiences (aka EPEs).

If nothing else — though this is pretty epic — these sorts of passages initiate us into a whole new realm of understanding, when old perceptions, preconceptions, and a host of other internalized conditioning get shaken and tossed right out the window.

These might be astro-defined by the above astro-transits, and often Pluto (and perhaps Neptune) join that party as well to make it more interesting and pretty much non-negotiable. Those can be tough ones (she…

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